BBW Online “Is “fat” really the worst thing a human being can be? Is “fat” worse than “vindictive,” “jealous,” “shallow,” “vain,” “boring,” or “cruel”? Not to me.”
- J.K. Rowling
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BBW Online “To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now.”
- Alan Cohen
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BBW Online “You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”
- Louise Hay
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BBW Online “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”
- Thich Nhat Hanh
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BBW Online “You're a human being. You live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damn red velvet cupcake.”
- Emma Stone
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BBW Online “Eyes closed, feet dancing their way toward the pond, she was her own music, her body her favorite thing she'd ever owned.”
- Tahereh Mafi, 'Furthermore'
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BBW Online “Just because we have acne, tummy rolls, and chaffing thighs doesn’t mean we need fixed. Period.”
- Mik Zazon
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Hey there everyone! We are introducing BBWOnline, a new and innovative social networking site for plus size individuals and the entire body positive movement. We cater to anyone who identifies themselves as a part of the plus size world as well as the people who love them. “Fat” is NEVER a negative term around here, but one that we just love!

Inside the forum you will be able to find many different discussions related to a person of size, from both their professional AND personal life. You will also be able to connect to members near you and from around the world.

We even offer an “events” area, where an Event Promoter can post upcoming events, and patrons can find a place to have fun and connect with like-minded people in a space that is both comfortable and accepting. Bash events, body positive gatherings, parties and other in-person gatherings will now be searchable in your area!!

We wanted to create a place welcoming for all people, where you will not be fetishized or stigmatized, but free to simply be yourself.

Registration is absolutely free, and you can customize your profile to reflect your personality. Add pictures, videos, interact with friends, and the BBWOnline community, to have a little corner on the web to express yourself in any way you see fit.

There is also a premium membership option that provides even MORE access to the things you want to see! There are absolutely no Ads, so you can scroll and discover people and places without being bothered by advertisements. Privacy is also important to us, so your profile and information will not be searchable on the web!

We are an American based company with a support team that is both hands on and personable, and if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact the admin team. We look forward to you joining our little community on the web and we hope you find EXACTLY what you are looking for!